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I. top top 1 [tɒp ǁ tɑːp] adjective [only before a noun]
1. at the highest level:

• The top rate of income tax has been cut sharply.

• the pay of top executives

• She spent five years in the top job.

• He is among the top 5% of earners in this country.

2. biggest or most successful:

• the top 100 companies in the UK

3. best:

• We sell only top-quality goods.

  [m0] II. top top 2 verb topped PTandPPX topping PRESPARTX [transitive]
1. to be higher than a particular amount:

• Profits this year should top £1.2 billion.

• Last year bilateral trade topped $1 billion.

2. top an offer/​a bid etc to offer more money than someone else:

• A rival company has topped our offer by $5 million.

top out phrasal verb [intransitive] FINANCE
if something such as a price that is increasing tops out, it reaches its highest point and stops rising:

• Do you think interest rates have topped out now?

top something → up phrasal verb [transitive]
to add to something in order to bring it up to the level you want:

• You can top up your pension contributions any time.

— see also top-up
  [m0] III. top top 3 noun
the top the most important or most successful position in an organization, company, group etc:

• He started life at the bottom and worked his way up to the top.

• This decision has come from the top (= was made by the most important managers ) .

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top UK US /tɒp/ noun
the top — Cf. the top
be at the top of your game — Cf. be at the top of your game
come out on top — Cf. come out on top
from the top down — Cf. from the top down
on top (of sth) — Cf. on top of sth
top of mind — Cf. top of mind
top UK US /tɒp/ adjective [before noun]
most important or successful in an organization, activity, etc.: »

We have a meeting with the company's top managers.


She's applying for a range of top jobs in the field.


He graduated from one of the top universities in the country.

in the highest position or rank: »

My office is on the top floor of the building.

top 10/50/100, etc. »

A number of Fortune Magazine's top 500 companies maintain headquarters or major facilities in New Jersey.

top UK US /tɒp/ adverb
very successfully: »

a top performing/top achieving company

top UK US /tɒp/ verb [T] (-pp-)
to do something better than you did previously, or better than someone else: »

The sales team are aiming to top last year's performance.


The figures topped last year's results by 15%.

to be more than a particular number or amount: »

Visits to the website are now topping 5,000 per day.

to be in the highest position in a list or rank: »

They top the list of high-performing investments.

Financial and business terms. 2012.


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